Membership Application Some Questions and Answers


 Why do I need to join the Association?

While non-members will have access to the Association facebook and web site, only members of our Association will have access to our Members Only areas. In the Members area, we will be developing our contacts based upon our Database. We are mindful of your Privacy needs and will never divulge your personal contacts, including your email address. We will have groups where you may, for example, send a Private Message to all members who served in your location and in those same years.


We have had some questions about, what is a PmKeys. Well, if you haven’t heard of one, don’t worry, just use your Service Number in the Service Number spot.


What do I get for my $50?

For the One-Off cost of $50 you will receive Life Membership of the 38 Squadron Association plus a Membership Certificate and a 38 Squadron Association Lapel Pin with your Membership Number engraved on the bottom of the crest.

As mentioned earlier, you will have access to our Members Only, Access All Areas pass.

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