Welcome to the website of the 38 Squadron Association

A warm welcome to the 38 Squadron Association website. The aim of the website is to provide a source of information for anyone with an interest in the history of the Squadron and the personnel who served with the Squadron.

The Squadron badge is displayed by kind permission of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Although the Association has close links with the RAAF, the contents of this website are not officially endorsed by the RAAF.

The Association hopes that you will find these pages informative.

The Association was created with the aims of preserving the spirit and comradeship formed during service on the unit and developing a close relationship with the present-day Squadron.  Membership is open to all who have served or continue to serve, on 38 Squadron and to relatives and friends of former Squadron members.

Our membership includes those from the Hudson and Dakota days, through the Caribou era and now the King Air KA350.

The first Association outing was for ANZAC Day 2017 in Sydney where members marched with the 38 Squadron Banner and in Brisbane where members were invited to march with RAAF Transport Flight Vietnam/35 Squadron Association.  The Association anticipates marching under the 38 Squadron Banner in Brisbane from ANZAC Day 2018 onward. Aside from each ANZAC Day, we will be looking to arrange future reunions to promote a strong fellowship amongst our members.

38 Squadron was formed at RAAF Base Richmond on 15 September 1943 and the first aircraft was allocated to the Squadron on 07 November 1943. A detailed history of the Squadron will be available on the website.

Please browse through our website which is administered by Matt Struthers. As an Association member or potential Association member, the committee hopes you enjoy reading the information on this site.  After joining the Association, access to the Members’ Area, where many past records and other items of interest await and will then be made available to you.

The Association provides all members and ex-members of 38 Squadron, along with relatives or friends, with the opportunity of joining the Association.