The Untold Stories of the RAAF

For 45 years the Caribou was the workhorse of the RAAF. Starting its service in Vietnam, this small fleet of just 29 aircraft punched well above their weight, both at home and abroad.


Be it the dangers of war, floods and/or fire, or the difficulty of search and rescue, the Caribou and their crews played a vital role in Australia’s history. This headline making aircraft has earned its place in history as the only Australian military aircraft to ever be high-jacked.



Affectionately known as Wallaby Airlines, the Bou and/or the Green Gravel Truck, the Caribou has been a quiet achiever, until now. At last this amazing story, spanning 5 decades, is told by those who witnessed history.


In this documentary, those who knew her well tell their personal and remarkable stories about their time with one of the RAAF’s most beloved aircraft.


The DVD is still available. I last saw one at QAM Caloundra.


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