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Inaugural AGM planned for 19th February 2018

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      Matt Struthers

      Hello Members,

      We are planning our first AGM for February, it will hopefully be a short, sharp affair and will give us some experience ready for September.

      The things you need to think about now are:

      • Do you have any agenda items to be brought up at the AGM?
      • Are you planning to nominate for a Committee Position? All positions are open at the start of the AGM.
      • President – Be the boss and make the tough decisions.
      • Secretary – Control the meetings and manage corro and paperwork.
      • Treasurer & Memberships – Keep the Committee aware of the financial status and control memberships.
      • Public Relations Member – Keep the members aware of happenings and promote the Association.
      • Entertainment Member / Social Coordinator – Maintain the Association member relationships through events.
      • Property Member – Manage merchandise and any property the Association owns.
      • Social Media Member (new position) – Manage the Association social media (website, email, Facebook, etc.) and assist the Public Relations, Entertainment and Unit History members in promotion of the Association, events and recording history.
      • Unit History Member (new position) – Research and document the 38 Squadron history, along with member stories.
        Items for the AGM, including nominations, need to be received by 4pm AEST 5th February to be included on the Agenda.

      The agenda is planned to be released on 5 Feb 2018 with the AGM currently planned to be held via teleconference on 19 Feb 2018. Please reply to this forum post to provide input to the AGM.

      Matt Struthers
      38 Squadron Association

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      Matt Struthers

      I nominate myself for the Secretary position to continue. My experience as a secretary comes from being a configuration manager for Defence and managing data as well as regular meetings, on top of that I currently fill this position.

      I also nominate for the position of Social Media Member, however if we have someone else nominate with sufficient experience, I am happy to take an Assistant role.


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      Jack Plenty

      Hi, Jack Plenty here – I nominate myself to continue in the President position. As the inaugural president I have a good understanding of the organisation and running of the Association and have the time and energy to continue in that position, but also happy to hand the reins over if someone else wishes to nominate.

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      John Griffiths

      Hi, John Griffiths here. – I would like to nominate for the Unit History position to Research and document the 38 Squadron history, along with member stories. Let someone younger have a run with the PR position.

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