a.       The aim of the Association is to foster the spirit of comradeship forged during service with No 38 Squadron among members of the Association and capture and document the history and personality of No 38 Squadron.

b.      To achieve our aim the objectives of the Association are to:

i.  champion the activities and achievements of No 38 Squadron.

ii. maintain links with the current activities and members of No 38 Squadron.

iii.  encourage participation in Commemorative Services.

iv.  perpetuate the close and kindly ties of friendship and comradeship created by mutual service in No 38 Squadron and the memories associated with that experience.

v.   provide support to serving members of No 38 Squadron both at home and abroad.

vi.  maintain a proper standard of dignity and honour amongst all former and current members of No 38 Squadron and to set an example of public spirit and noble hearted endeavour through commemorative and other activities.

vii.  record the history of No 38 Squadron.

viii.  record personal experiences of the members of No 38 Squadron RAAF Association.

Guiding principles

The 38 Squadron Crest displays a quiver of arrows (coloured red for warfare), signifying the overall military purpose of the squadrons activities. In front of the quiver of arrows is the hybrid mythical monster, known to heraldry as the ‘ENFIELD’ (affectionately known to squadron members as the Electric Cat) with the squadron motto ‘EQUAL TO THE TASK’.

The Enfield has the head of a fox, the chest of a greyhound, the legs of an eagle and the hind part of a wolf. These features represent the cunning, speed, strength and determination with which the squadron pursues its objectives. The Enfield is in a powerful posture which combined with the quiver of arrows, symbolizes the forward movement or transportation of military equipment.

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