Day: July 19, 2017

Tactical Airlift- Caribou Operations: The End of an EraTactical Airlift- Caribou Operations: The End of an Era

GPCAPT R. J. ‘Chuck’ Connor This paper is an edited transcript of a seminar that was presented on behalf of the Air Power Development Centre on Wednesday 27 June, 2012. Good morning all. What I thought I’d do today is give a condensed version of the burst on Vietnam that we gave to the Joint Staff […]

Your 38 Squadron Association CommitteeYour 38 Squadron Association Committee

  Brian (Jack) Plenty AM  (President)   My life at 38 Squadron began on posting to Caribou conversion in April 1977 at Richmond, NSW.  John Griffiths (Griff) was the Training Flight Commander who, along with George Bliss, Chuck Conner and Bob Bacchiella, tried to stop us: landing on the nose wheel during Short Take Offs […]